Sewing craftsmanship
Printing technology

Focus on customized books OVER 16 YEARS

Printing and packaging
1.Catalog printing
2.Bag printing
3.Box printing
4.Card printing
5.Sticker printing
1.Multi-function power notebook
2.Loose-leaf notebook
3.Hardcover notebook
4.Spiral notebook
5.Sewing stitching notebook
Leather Products
1.Hotel leather goods
2.Office leather goods
3.Packaging leather goods
4.Stationery and leather goods
5.Gift leather goods

Our company is a technological Innovation enterprises integrating designR&D, production and sales of notebooks and leather products as one, It is located in Dongguan which is known as the "world factory", The registered capital of 10 million RMB, Bearing the sense of responsibility of scientific and technological innovation, intelligent life and environmental

protection packaging, We provide the solution of packaging supply leather products and books innovative for global customers.


It is HEIBOO Brand to pursue the fashion taste and smooth writing sense in life.

Light Luxury is a kind of life attitude, which comes from the pursuit of details, the demanding of quality and the desire for beauty.

HEIBOO-Global Wisdom Books  Creating Brands

Customized Books

     Printing and Packaging

Leather Products

Panther technology is an overall solution provider of global wisdom volume, and a global solution provider of high-end packaging, printing and sewing leather products. The company has set up a design team led by innovation. Relying on its strong production strength and combining with the current electronic intelligence era, the company has developed a series of high-tech products, which combine science and technology with this volume perfectly, and are deeply loved by the majority of consumers.

It is a very happy process to cooperate with us. We are not satisfied with just completing a product for our customers. While providing the best quality products to our customers, we have a vision: to share with customers the experience and professional knowledge over the years, continuously create value for customers, achieve customers and surpass ourselves.

Price advantag

Direct source manufacturers can control the cost of each production link and provide high cost performance.

We are willing to provide professional advice and goodwill reminders to avoid some process and quality risks.

Give counse

We use excellent solutions to ensure the uniqueness of customer customization.

Excellent design

Eco friendly concern is not just a slogan. We attach great importance to the environment and strive to be an eco-friendly manufacturer.

Social responsibility

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